Threaded Rod Connectors

Threaded Rod Connectors – Providing Diverse Application Solutions Metal rods are essential components in various industrial applications. They are well-known for their use in construction, plumbing, manufacturing, and automotive industries. Major-IPC supports industrial applications involving metal rods by providing high quality threaded rod connectors.

Threaded Rod Connectors

Threaded Rod Connector Types We provide various types of threaded rod connectors to meet fastening needs of clients in various industries:

  • Coupler nuts – for connecting two threaded rods
  • Coupling nuts – for extending, spacing, or leveling threaded rods
  • Reducer coupler nuts – for connecting threaded fasteners of different diameters

Features and Specifications of Connectors We provide connectors with the following features and specifications:
  • Thread Sizes: Ranging from 1/4 20 ” to 10-24″
  • Material Types:
    • Aluminum
    • Carbon Steel
    • Stainless steel
  • Finishes:
    • Zinc Chromate Plated
    • Anodized Clear Finish
    • Electro-galvanized

We can also design and manufacture custom connectors to meet specific application requirements. Applications of Connectors Threaded rod connectors are mainly used in applications where alignment of metal rods, or metal rod extensions is required. They can be used in a variety of industrial applications. Some well-known examples include:

  • Plumbing in construction sites
  • Installing standard sized fasteners
  • Supporting Electrical AC Fittings
  • Creating temporary down ceilings in construction applications
  • For general repair and maintenance activities in manufacturing

Understanding Connectors Threaded rod connectors are important connecting fasteners used in a variety of applications. Also known as allthread couplers, their primary design is to connect components with male threads. They can be used along with threaded hex socket screws, and connector rings for additional support. The connectors can also be installed with ring caps to provide a finished look. Major-IPC provides solution driven threaded rod connectors, which can support different industrial applications. If you would like to know more about our products, please feel free to contact us .