Die Cutting Services

Precision CNC Machining

Major-IPC offers rapid die cutting services at highly competitive rates through the use of latest equipment and techniques. We have registered a proactive presence in the die cutting industry in New York and beyond since 1976. Having served complex part requirements for a myriad of industries, we are ready to take on the most challenging projects. Much of our die cutting services expertise comes from our experience of working with different materials such as: All grades of laminated phenolics

  • Nylon
  • Delrin
  • Nomex
  • Polycarbonate
  • Specialty papers
  • All glass laminates
  • Teflon
  • Mylar
  • Kapton
  • PVC

If you have a unique material that needs to be precisely and rapidly die cut, we encourage you to discuss your requirements with us. Latest Die Cutting Services UsedWe are equipped with multiple CNC presses and custom tooling to rapidly offer prototyping services or full production runs. We offer die cutting services such as multi-layer cutting, adhesive backed material cutting (kiss cutting), trimming, stamping, rotary die cutting, and more.Rely on us for prototype to production quantities of components such as:

  • gaskets
  • bushings
  • insulators
  • washers
  • discs
  • spacers
  • circles
  • seals
  • At Major-IPC, we love challenges and are willing to work on innovative, first-to-market projects.Die cutting services with a focus on qualityThe quality of our dies and presses determines the ultimate output of the die cutting job. Our focus has always been on using dies that offer clean cuts and minimal material wastage. Whether you are a small entrepreneur or an OEM, we have the capabilities and resources to honor your requirements. Major-IPC regularly works with customers from industries such as automobiles, manufacturing, packaging, HVAC, aerospace, medical equipment, and electronics among others.You can choose to involve us from the very beginning of your project or at a later stage.

    To learn more about our die cutting services, please speak with a Major-IPC representative at 845-292-2200or email to info@majoripc.com