Construction Industry

Major-IPC has gained market goodwill and industry value when it comes to providing high-quality fastening solutions for Construction Industry. Avail the Most Apt and Best Construction Fasteners from Major-IPC

Major-IPC has gained market goodwill and industry value when it comes to providing high-quality fastening solutions for a variety of industrial sectors and their applications.

Construction industry is one of the sectors that use high-performance and precision-made screws and fastening solutions with utmost tensile strength and durability.

We at Major-IPC make sure to supply feature-laden assembly techniques to the construction industry.

What kind of fasteners is used for the construction industry?

The business of construction can include a wide gamut of building projects pertaining to fields like industrial, commercial, institutional, residential, environmental, healthcare, civil, and so on. The criticality of operations involved in construction projects and applications call for fastening solutions that are at known for their precision, strength, performance, and durability. Thousands of varieties of nuts, bolts, threaded rods, screws, pins, and hinges are used in construction applications. Major-IPC takes complete responsibility of offering custom-made as well as standardized construction fasteners for maximum output. As a matter of fact, these fasteners at most of the cases are expected to be heavy, robust, and sturdy than other deck fasteners.

What are the features of construction fasteners that customer require to know?

Be it for the public or for individuals or communities, every sort of construction work requires high-quality fasteners. Since the time fasteners were invented till date, varied inventions and innovations took place and this led to further addition of features like self-drilling screws, corrosion resistant fasteners and so on. Another aspect that a customer should know while purchasing and selecting construction screws is the application for which the screws are made and the surfaces on which they would be used. For instance, fasteners used to join 2 wooden surfaces would be different from fasteners for steel rods. The other deciding factors before selecting fasteners are the construction and design, diameter, size, thread type, materials used and drive types.

Why should you choose Major IPC to avail construction fasteners?

At Major-IPC, we make sure that the construction fasteners meet the quality standards and application requirements affirmed by the Government. We ensure that the construction fasteners are precision-constructed with apt tensile strength and durability required to avoid any untimely failure or breakage in the construction machinery. When it comes to supplying fasteners required for construction of any science or research laboratory, Major-IPC ensures that the fastening solutions are code-complaint with assurance of safety for the users. Apart from that, Major-IPC is known for the following aspects:

  • From initiation till end of the project, our expert technicians and engineers efficiently interact with the clients to understand their exact applications and to provide the
  • most apt fastening solutions.
  • We never compromise on quality, efficiency, strength, durability and overall performance of the fasteners.At the same time, we ensure timely delivery of our cost-?effective products and competent customer service.

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