Agricultural Industry

Fastening Solutions and Services to Meet the Growing Demands of the Agricultural Industry

Even though, fasteners and threaded rods are the smallest elements, they are the most essential components used in the assembly of agricultural machineries or equipment. In case, any of the fastening component fail, the overall functioning of the equipment will suffer. Hence, extreme care must be given when choosing fastening components for applications in agricultural environments.

A Rich Inventory of Precision-Machined Threaded Fasteners and Rods at Major-IPC

Agriculture industry requires a wide array of threaded fasteners and rods that combine strength, quality, and durability. We, at Major-IPC possess a rich inventory of products designed to meet the diverse requirements of agricultural machinery manufacturers. The variety of threaded rods and fasteners we offer combine shear and tensile strength. Also, since they feature a simple design, they can be incorporated into applications quickly and easily. This reduces down time associated with installation, repair, and maintenance.

Application Areas

Our range of high-integrity threaded fasteners and rods can be reliably used in the assembly of heavy equipment and high-output agricultural machineries. Some of these include:

  • Harvesters
  • Tractors
  • Livestock Enclosures
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Cultpacker
  • Chisel Plow
  • Rotators
  • Rollers
  • Sprinkler Systems

Usage of superior quality raw materials like stainless steel, mild steel, and carbon steel in the manufacturing process helps our fastening components withstand the test of time. Also, since we are equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment, even the most complicated customization can be done in a short turnaround time.

Why Is our Die-Cutting Service Popular?

Besides offering value-driven fastening components, we have been providing cost-effective, yet high-quality die cutting services for the agricultural industry. Our capabilities in this area include:

1. We use the latest CNC machines to provide paper, rotary, and custom die cutting services with maximum precision.

2. Our manufacturing facility is large and well-equipped to handle a myriad of materials for precise die cutting. This includes; nylon, Delrin, Nomex, and Polycarbonate, among others.

3. Our expertise lies in multi-layer cutting, adhesive backed material cutting (kiss cutting), trimming, stamping, and rotary die cutting.

4. Our processes and equipment ensure clean cuts with minimal material wastage.

5. We ensure fastest delivery for both prototype projects as well as large production runs.

Timely Updated Inventory to Meet New Challenges

The agriculture industry is one of the fastest growing sectors requiring several machinery’s to carry out day-to-day tasks. Therefore, today’s manufacturers are in a fire to construct brand-new equipment that provide maximum comfort and productivity to farmers/ workers. The contribution of threaded fasteners and rods cannot be ignored in this regard. For quality fastener solutions that are meant specifically for the agricultural industry, our name comes second to none in the market. Our fastening solutions are designed to prevent equipment downtime and augment its productivity in the long run.