Screw Machine Products

Major-IPC is your source for Screw Machine Products in a wide variety of materials for many industries. Screw Machine Products: PVDF screws, Kynar Screws Major-IPC has been a single-solution provider for a wide range of metal and plastic screw machined products since 1977. We are a leading custom manufacturer of high and medium volume precision screw machined components such as PVDF screws, Kynar Screws, shafts, sleeves, bushing components, and so on. Our quick tooling and testing abilities give us a definitive edge when you need quick turn times. Major-IPC can honor small assembly requirements as well as projects that entail repeat production. Kynar Screws – A Major-IPC Specialty Component Kynar (PVDF) is a versatile engineering thermoplastic that lends itself effortlessly to precision screw machining operations. Kynar PVDF screws produced by Major-IPC demonstrate better chemical resistance, durability, permeation resistance, and strength as compared with conventionally used materials such as Nylon 12. The tensile strength of Kynar (PVDF) is higher than that of PVC. These screws are guaranteed for consistent performance even in the most demanding applications. Major-IPC Kynar screws are customarily used in various industries such as packaging, construction, furniture manufacturing, medical, aircraft, and more.

Why Choose Major-IPC? Every screw machine product produced by Major-IPC conforms to the highest industry standards for quality and reliability. Our screw machine product process has maintained a commitment to quality manufacturing technology. Our goal is to establish a lasting, actively involved relationship with your organization by fully meeting all of your screw machine products requirements.

Types of Screws and Bolts

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