Automobiles Industry

High-Quality Fasteners for Automobiles Industry Major-IPC is expert in understanding varied industrial sectors and their potentials, so that we can provide the best and most precise fastening solutions to them. When it comes to automobiles, we know what types of screws, fasteners and threaded rods are required to add to the automobiles’ strength, durability and performance. We, at Major-IPC know that high-performance fasteners and assembly solutions play one of the major roles in automobiles of all styles and purposes. After all, the power screws, bolts and rods are the tools that hold the parts together and ensure safety and efficiency at its best. Products and Services at Major-IPC With our years of industry experience and expertise in offering the best and most precise fastening solutions for the automobile industry, we offer high-quality products and services as follows:

  • Plastic and metal fasteners of varied types to suit every kind of assembling purposes for different kinds of vehicles.
  • Nylon and plastic threaded rods that are used in different automobile components for fastening and assembling purposes.
  • Precision CNC Machining is another kind of service that proves to be useful for manufacturing and machining of precision automobile parts and components.
  • Die cutting services from us have gained positive market value for their high quality performance and highly competitive rates.
  • Other precision-made products and services that contribute towards the automobile industry are screw machine parts, plastic stamping, fasteners of varied kinds and designs and so on.

Why Major-IPC is recommended to Customers? Being one of the most significant economic sectors, automobile industry churns out millions of vehicles every year. To manufacture full-proof vehicles, automotive companies give immense emphasis on efficiency of assembling parts and components to ensure safety and high-level performance. We at Major-IPC believe that prudent usage of materials and effective assembly techniques can lead to massive savings of time and money and at the same time can promote safety. We are respected in the market and in the industry for the following reasons:

  • 1. We have been serving different industrial sectors since 1977 and have been offering high-quality, precise and performance-oriented screws, fasteners and threaded rods besides other value-driven services.
  • 2. Our expert and experienced technicians and engineers leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing the most apt and accurate fastening solutions and assembly technique after properly researching and evaluating customer’s needs.
  • 3. We are capable of offering custom-made fasteners, screws and threaded rods as per customer’s specific requirements based on their applications.
  • 4. As our customers place their orders with us they are assured of high quality service with precision-made products and timely delivery with all the desired features to meet their particular application requirements. Contact us to let us help you with all sorts of fastening solutions meant to facilitate your automotive industry and its precise requirements.