Industries Served Based on Applications

Stainless Steel Divder Bar with Bright Finish. For 1/16" Material. New wider construction for ease of installation. Material is hemmed to provide safety when sealing the sheet with silicone. Used to join/finish edges of stainless steel wall panels (sheets). Our stainless steel mirror mouldings are used in the glass industry. They are also used with metal sheets, where a corner or seam needs to be concealed.
Electronics Industry - When it comes to supplying high-quality, precision-made, and durably constructed machined parts to the electronic industry, Major-IPC comes next to none in performance and exactness of specifications. With its extensive range of fasteners, nylon and plastic threaded rods and screws, Major IPC has every kind of product to fit every sort of electronic device.
electrical appliances
Home and Electrical Appliances - We at Major IPC know what it takes to not only satisfy our clients with competent products and services, but also how to exceed their expectations to form a lasting relationship based on efficiency and trust. When it comes to serving the home and electrical appliance industry with our high-class products that include varied forms of fasteners, threaded rods and screws, we know what our customers seek from us.
Automobile Industry - Major IPC is expert in understanding varied industrial sectors and their potentials, so that we can provide the best and most precise fastening solutions to them. When it comes to automobiles, we know what types of screws, fasteners and threaded rods are required to add to the automobiles’ strength, durability and performance. >
Packaging Industry - Since 1977, Major IPC has been serving several industrial sectors, and packaging is one of them. With our wide gamut of products and services, we know how to expertly handle clients’ application requirements based on their unique operations. When it comes to the packaging industry, timing and accuracy play an important role to maintain consistency in the production line and its safe and smooth running.
Construction Industry - Construction industry is one of the sectors that use high-performance and precision-made screws and fastening solutions with utmost tensile strength and durability. We at Major-IPC make sure to supply feature-laden assembly techniques to the construction industry.
Plumbing Industry - Major-IPC supports its clients in the plumbing industry by providing standard and custom rods, fasteners, and machining services to produce plumbing products. Our fasteners are mainly used to support clamps and fixtures that are used to install and hold piping.  
food and beverage
Food and Beverage Industry - Major-IPC provide various types of standard and custom fasteners to meet the changing equipment needs of the (F&B) industry. We provide a variety of nuts, bolts, screws, washers, and threaded rods for various F&B applications. Major-IPC can provide the perfect product solutions you need for quick and effortless installation.
aerospace and defense
Aerospace and Defense Industry - Major-IPC has been one of the leading suppliers of industrial fasteners to the aerospace and defense sectors for many years. Our fastener range includes screws and bolts of various types, giving our customers the freedom to make the best choice for their applications.
Manufacturing Industry - Major-IPC provide specialized products and services that meet specific needs for your manufacturing equipment and applications. Our product list includes over 35 types of fasteners and different types of machine screws that meet the requirements of complex production machinery.  
Transportation Industry - Major-IPC has worked with clients from the public and private transportation industry providing threaded rods, fasteners and manufacturing services to meet our customer’s needs. We provide metal as well as plastic fasteners in various shapes and sizes to meet the application needs.  
Agricultural Industry - Major-IPC possess a rich inventory of products designed to meet the diverse requirements of agricultural machinery manufacturers. Our range of high-integrity threaded fasteners and rods can be reliably used in the assembly of heavy equipment and high-output agricultural machineries.  
Heavy Machining Manufacturing - Major-IPC is in to the business of producing fastening components that are robustly constructed to meet the requirements of industrial machine manufacturers. At Major-IPC, we combine high-quality materials, extensive application knowledge, and expert manufacturing techniques to produce specialized fastening components.  
Marine Industry - Major-IPC brings its years of experience and expertise while manufacturing marine grade fasteners and threaded rods. We have been supporting the industry by providing cost-effective yet reliable die-cutting, and plastic and metal stamping services.
Medical Industry - With years of industry experience, Major-IPC know the specific demands of the medical industry. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility equipped with advanced machineries allows us to custom machine fastening products to customer specifications.  
Refinery Industry - Major-IPC offer several manufacturing services that are beneficial for refinery equipment manufacturers. We are specialists in providing precision machined fastening components for applications in the refinery industry.
Telecommunication Industry - Major-IPC have a wide array of nylon fasteners specially constructed to meet the demands of telecommunication equipment manufacturers. Besides nylon fasteners and threaded rods, our inventory also includes resilient metal fastening components.